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    ICH7 settings for umda6?


      I'm working/playing with a Sony VGN-UX280 microPC (XP pro SP3) that I'm trying to maximize performance. U1400 cpu has been replaced with U7700 C2D. 4200 rpm pata-ZIF hdd replaced with Mtron Mobi 3018 slc ssd. While the ssd is a huge improvement, I've noticed that Windows lists the primary IDE as UDMA5. Testing the drive with CrystalDiskMark gives seq. R/W of about 75/53 MB/sec- much lower than listed specs. I tested the mtron with zif-IDE adapter in two desktop pc's (one with Nvidia & one with ATI chipsets). Both set as UDMA6 & tested to over 100/80 MB/sec R/W with significant improvement in 4k results as well. The Sony UX has 945GMS chipset and ICH7/82801G IDE controller with driver


      I can use hdparm to "set" the drive to udma6 & that will improve read speeds- seq up to 95 MB/sec. I've read that you need to use BARedit to change the ide controller register settings if I want to increase write speeds. On bus0dev31func1 - offset 054 - the 8 digit hex value for udma5 is 00001011. I'm asking for the register value (or other suggestions) to boost write performance on this pc. The drive CAN do better & the pc SHOULD be able to do better.  thanks