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    Overheating Issue




      I just purchased a new Motherboard and Processor among other computer parts from Tiger Direct. I have assembled them all, and after much trouble, I got it to boot.


      The trouble I have had has involved the processor overheating. I've had to reseat the processor several times. I have mounted the heat sink and fan, with Arctic Silver to the processor. At first I had trouble getting the fan to fit snuggly, but now it seems to be mounted correctly.


      I've managed to get the computer to boot up, and installed Linux. I left it to install programs, and came back a few hours later, and found the computer had froze, with glitches on the screen. It wouldn't reboot. I had to turn it off, let it cool and reseat the chip for it to boot again.


      I attempted calling customer support, and he lead me through a few things, including updating the bios. I updated it, and it made it not able to boot from the hard drive unless I accessed the boot menu. After awhile, the call got disconnected, and we haven't gotten back in touch. I was having trouble understanding him anyway.



      Does anyone know what might be the issue? Is it something that should be replaced.


      Ticket Number 8000344632


      Motherboard: DH67BL

      Processor: i5-2320


      Michael Arford


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          I'd get back to your supplier and tell them of your troubles. Normally it's a staightforward process fitting the Intel heatsinkfan to the CPU (and it comes with its own heat transfer compound film applied so 3rd party products aren't needed). Perhaps you've been sold a poorly fitting aftermarket one instead? Once you have this problem resolved then things should be fine. I'm not familiar with anything other than Microsoft Operating Systems so if the software itself turns out to be problematic, someone else may be able to help.

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            I first contacted Tiger Direct and they told me to call Intel.


            The Heat Sink and fan are labeled as Intel and came with the processor.

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              So did you read the instructions that come with all the Intel bits you bought? I'm wondering why you used Arctic Silver? If anything's not clear enough after reading all the instructions and you still can't get it all to go together exactly and work properly, it might be worth paying for the services of a professional to sort it out? I'm not sure what else to suggest sorry.