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    Intel Q35 VGA driver for Win7: No sync on monitor after cable disconnect


      This is a follow-up to a thread created on Microsoft Technet where Microsoft said I should try ask Intel for help:


      I've had my Intel Q35 internal display chip on my Dell PC a long time. I found  that if I removed the igfxpers.exe which seem to do automatic-checking  for new displays that are connected.


      When igfxpers.exe was running on Vista, I could disconnect a monitor  and then reconnect it and it did not find the signal. But if  igfxpers.exe was not running, I could remove a monitor and then  reconnect it and it worked fine.


      However, in Windows 7, this behavior is not the same. Whatever I do, I  cannot reconnect a monitor. I always have to reboot the computer to  make it detect the signal. Do anybody have any clue for fixing this? Or do I have to reinstall Vista?