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    Intel DH 67 BL BIOS event no keyboard




      my Intel DH 67 posted the bios error no keyboard. who can i disabled this event?

      i have disabled the event logging in the bis but the message still comes.

      i have got a mircosoft bluetooth keyboard.

      i buy the intel dh 67 bl because the boot is so fast. I had 2 ssd in my system for

      very fast boot and now the message at the boot. what can i do stop this problem?

      the bios is 1.32.


      thanks for your answers.

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          You may need another keyboard to get in there and change the BIOS settings to suit but enabling the BIOS jumper on the motherboard to the maintenance position may allow you to use this motherboard to make the required changes - just remember to change the jumper back again afterwards if it does.


          You'll need to ensure 'Legacy USB' is enabled on the USB 2.0 port you choose for your Bluetooth keyboard hub/transceiver.

          There may also be an entry in the BIOS settings relating to stop or halt on keyboard errors - ensure any such entry is set to disable or turned off.

          If there's a fast boot option, you may want to try with this turned off to see if that makes a difference also. The motherboards manual may give you some assistance on the available settings.


          I don't have this particular board so I a cant answer with direct experience, making the above changes has worked for me with other boards that have those options however.