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    I need some info on processor upgrades


      My notebook is an Acer Aspire 5572ANWXMi of Aspire 5570 Series and under the Mainboard line (shown by Sisoftware Sandra) it says Aspire 5570. The current CPU is a Core Duo (T2250 1.73Ghz, 533 Mhz FSB) on the chipset 945GM and an Integrated VGA 950. What are my options as far as upgrades go? Is an i3 out of the question? If so, what is compadable?

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          Sadly, I am not that familiar with mobile CPUs and upgrades paths, so can not really suggest a upgrade path.

          Other than it would need to be a Core2Duo family Chip.


          The i3 uses a different socket than Core2, therefore would not work.


          Soryy couldn't be more help, but Im sure someone much smarter than I will be along shortly who can help

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            Thank you for the input, I'll have to keep looking for what the board is capible of.

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              Does anyone at intel know what should work?

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                The chance of updating the processor in your laptop is extremely unlikely, and basically impossible for several reasons.


                Laptops are not designed or built for changing processors, many have it soldered in place.  Any such work must be done by the manufacture.


                The entire line of processors that your's is a part of has been retired and is no longer manufactured.


                The "i3" processor you mentioned uses a different socket (size and layout of it's connections) and is incompatible with the one in your laptop.  That socket is no longer used.


                If you could find a processor that was compatible physically with your laptop, the BIOS software in your laptop may not support it.  That information can only come from Acer.


                The price of the work to change processors would be at about 50% of what a new laptop would cost.


                All this applies to the vast majority of laptops, so you didn't buy a bad one, that is simply the way they are, sorry to say.