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    2600k/2700k & Memory



      I am currently building a new machine and had a couple questions about the 2600k vs 2700k,  and memory speeds.





      In regards to memory speed:

      From what I can gather, the CPU officially supports 1333, and most Motherboards support up to 2133.



      So so my question is:

      Would RAM running at 1866 be ok on either of the two CPUs, provided its running at 1.5v? I understand exceeding 1.5 can be problematic.


      Im just unsure if problems occur due to the frequency itself, or the voltage exceeding 1.5 for extended periods.

      I ahve seen some report of chips dying, but can not make out if its the user overvolting them or overvolting RAM, or if its the speed itself.



      My second question is about the 2700k.

      For OCing, I normally try to stay at a CPU Vcore of 1.28 - 1.3 at the very most, and find stable clocks in that voltage range.

      So nothing extreme, and should be below Intel MAX specs for voltage.


      I have heard rumor that the 2700k is a binned 2600k, which theorectically should give better clock speeds at lower voltages.


      Im curious if this is true, or if the chance at getting a better than average chip is just luck of the draw, the same as if I purchase a 2600k.


      Thank you.

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          Regarding the supported RAM speed, the processor will support up to 1333 MHz,

          You can install higher RAM as long as it is not above 1.5 Volts, but the RAM speed will be downgraded to 1333 MHz, since the processor does not support above that speed.

          So personally I would say that there is no point of installing higher speed RAM since it will end running at 1333 MHz.


          Regarding the processor over-clocking, please check this comparison chart:



          It shows that the 2700K can run up to 3.9 GHz and the 2600K can run up to 3.8 GHz with turbo boos. So the processor will be running find in over-clocking up to 3.8 and 3.9 respectively.

          But currently we do not recommend over-clocking above that speed, any speed above that will void the warranty of the processor since it will be running out of specifications and we cannot guarantee any stability.