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    Help! Intel 320, 300GB, 2.5" SSD suddenly stopped working...


      I have the Intel 320 series, 2.5" 300GB SSD installed on a Macbook Pro 17" (2010 model if it matters). I was playing a relatively intensive game and the load screen froze so I did a force shut down and attempted to restart my computer--nothing. Screen was stuck and then it booted into my secondary hard drive. I get an error messgage telling me that the disk I have is unreadable and the three options I have are Initialize/Ignore/Eject and none of them seem to do anything.


      I opened up Disk Utility and now the disk says it is a 8.4 MB INTEL SSDSA2CW300G3 Media. Within Disk Utility, I cannot repair the disk, erase, parition, etc... and it says the total capacity of the drive is only 8.4 MB.


      Did the drive fail? What steps should I take now?


      Also, if anyone can help and needs more info, just let me know the best way to obtain it since the toolbox for SSD that Intel provides is not compatible with OS X. I've had the drive for approximately 6 months and this is the first issue I've had. Any help will be greatly appreciated.