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    How do you disable "NCQ" once your RAID array is built and os loaded


      I have just built my first Intel system in a few years and discovered an issue that needs to be addressed. The build is with a ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe motherboard with BIOS 0902. The problem is with any h,p,z68 chipset. The issue is, The management software for the RAID array does not allow you to turn off "NCQ". NCQ should never be turned on, in a non server application. Turning this on in a desktop system can cause your array to experience the dreaded TLER error which usually requires a complete reload of the operating system to get things functioning correctly. AMD chipsets RAID management softwware allows you to turn NCQ off once OS is loaded. Intel please take note. You really need to fix this. Does anyone know where I can safely disable NCQ in the registry?