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    DH61BE BSOD When waking up


      Hi, i updated the BIOS of a DH61BE with the lastest version (0034) but i got some trouble with it, when i try to wake the computer i got a BSOD 0x000000f4. So i tried to downgrade the bios to 0023 (last stable version for me) and then PS2 port stop working but the BSOD probleme is now solved.


      By the way i installed all lastest driver. My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64b SP1 (with all lastest update). I even tryed that fix "KB2495523"


      Any idea of what is happening?

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          Motherboard BIOS updating on systems with the OS already installed can be fraught with unexpected consequences and it looks like that's what you've encountered. Even though you may already have the latest drivers installed when using the 'old' BIOS, updating the BIOS may necessitate a reinstallation of the latest driver afterwards because the new BIOS affects certain functioning of the hardware and the driver has to be set up accordingly.


          What was the (full) BSOD Error message? It'd also be worth checking to see if there is newer firmware for ANY of the cards or peripheral devices on your computer as often new firmware makes a big difference when it comes to power state issues.

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            Hi, thanks you so much for your answer. I tryed to format/reinstall my OS with all lastest driver and even with the new installation the probleme occur.


            It very strange, some time when i wake up the computer from "sleep" state i got the BSOD 0x000000f4 and then i press "reset", the computer reboot normaly and when the OS is loading it say the same thing as if the systeme was just getting out of sleep state and then i see my folder and file are already open.


            It is like when the computer is waking up something goes wrong and ... BSOD. But he is still able to wake up. My hard drive is plugged in Sata3 (the blue one).

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              A full reinstall is keen - asking some people to do this is akin to pulling teeth (especially at an early stage of investigation). What cards are plugged into the motherboard and what peripherals do you have hooked up to the system (a full system hardware/software list would be usefull)? Have you tested it out under the same situation but with no extras plugged into motherboard slots or connected to USB ports etc? I've seen problems like this caused by USB printers connected onto the system so full system details will be needed. The ideal minimum should be base unit, one monitor (connected via DVI or VGA directly to the motherboards onboard video), one keyboard and one mouse - nothing else plugged in (even if it's not powered on).


              Also, what is the rest of the BSOD message - it may say something like IRQ_less_or equal (or some other details apart from that obscure hexadecimal number really). It might also point to a faulting driver or part of code that is associated with the problem. Again, full details are needed to try and get to the bottom of this. I wouldn't go installing any extra software yet just in case another fresh install is required. Are you using AHCI or IDE configured SATA drives and if the former, have you installed Intel RST drivers or are you just using Win 7 native ones? Is the PC booting in UEFI mode (or BIOS defaults)? Did you load BIOS defaults and save out of there after updating the BIOS?

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                Hi, thx for the answer. I got to do something else for the moment but i will try to give you all these info soon.

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                  Hi guys, i finaly figured out my problème. I tryed this with the BIOS 0034. If i install my windows on the SATA3 Marvell controller with AHCI enabled my HD is seen as an external HD (There is an icone to remove the drive). Then when waking up, the HD is the last one to wake up. Windows try to access to my HD but is not there, so BSOD.


                  I tryed some registry tweak to force my HD to be seen as internal (treatasinternal something) no result. I tryed to set the Marvell SATA3 on IDE mode, but the same error occur. The Intel RST doest seem to be made for the marvell controller, the HD is not seen by RST.


                  Then there is 3 solution to get rid of this.


                  First - Downgrade to 0023 and reinstall Windows. <== My favorite one


                  Two - Plug my HD in SATA2.


                  Three - Disable sleep mode.


                  It only sad that i have to tell my customer that the HD will not use it full speed cuz after the bios 0023 the Marvell controller is a fail.


                  Note: After the BIOS 0023, there is another option in the BIOS for the SATA3 controller. At 0023 version there is only an option for SATA2 (i think), no option about the SATA3.

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                    New bios release 0035. Fixed thx