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    What is usable memory


      I using Intel xeon dual processor mother board. I have two xeon processor with 4gb ram in each board.

      When I check the properties in "My Computer" , it shows "Installed ram memory " as 8Gb and by it's side it show 3.94Gb usable memory.

      What is this "Usable memory" ?

      Is my 4Gb of ram is not used?

      If so how should I make it usable ?


      Please help in this. Thanking you... :-)




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          Make sure that you are running 64 bits operating systems, if you are running 32 bits operating system, it will only recognize a little less than 4 GB.

          If you are running 64 bits operating system, please contact the operating system developer so they can assist you.

          Keep in mind that the RAM usage is determined by the operating system, not by the processor or server board.

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            Thanks for your information....


            I plugged out the ram, cleaned it and then insert it again in the slot. Now Its working fine. 

            Now its showing 8Gb correctly.