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    S5000PSL - continuous long beeps during successful boot


      I just swapped out the power supply on a server-workstation with an Intel S5000PSL motherboard. The board has no additional expansion boards on it, the only connected peripherals are a SATA DVD drive and a four-bay SATA drive cage containing one hard drive.


      When I start up with the new power supply, there is a short beep - long beep at the instant of power-on (this is normal) followed by infinite long beeps. However, the system boots normally, beeping all the while.


      What do the beeps mean? The only clue I have is that the beeps do not occur when I disconnect the power to the SATA drive cage-- but the cage and drive are not malfunctioning since, again, the system successfully boots to completion. It's just these infernal beeps. The various available documents on this board mention a number of beep codes but "infinite long beeps" is not among these. What do the beeps mean? How do I stop them?