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    Z68 and RAID


      Hi fellow Intel users,

      I need a definitive answer to the question of "How many RAID volumes with the Intel Z68 Express storage manager support?"

      I am experiencing an unstable system with a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3(rev. 1.3) motherboard and two RAID volumes on the Intel controller.

      Boot RAID1 on SATA2_2 and 2_3

      Video RAID0 on SATA3_0 and 3_1

      This MB also has a Marvell controller but cannot support both controllers set to RAID.

      Does anyone know anything about this?

      Are there any other Z68 MB's that do support more than one RAID volume?

      Thanks in advance,


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          The Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology is able to support 2 RAID arrays, and you can set 2 volumes on each one of those arrays.


          I suggest you to update your system BIOS and check with your motherboard manufacturer  to confirm compatibility with thee hardware installed in order to troubleshooting this stability issue that you are experiencing and check with them for further troubleshooting possible.

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            Thank you Diego,

            According to Gigabyte tech support the Z68 chipset implementation has a shadow RAM limitation that has only room for one RAID array.  I could not find any documented confirmation of this so I am curious if any other Z68 boards have this same limitation.  He said the X58 boards work properly with more than one array.


            Another curious thing.  You can set up two arrays on the Z68 but the system will randomly crash.  Not a pretty sight.