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    DP67BG with 32GB of Kingston RAM




      I'm trying to get my Intel DP67BG board working with 32GB of RAM. I purchased 4x8GB sticks of DDR3 with the following specs.


      2 x Kingston 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) ECC Registered Server Memory Model KVR1333D3D4R9SK2/16G


      The machine boots, gives a 27 error via the LED (configuring memory) then reboots. I've updated the BIOS etc, and the only thing I can find is that this memory is ECC and the board's spec sheet calls for non-ECC memory. I thought ECC was just an extra option and that the board could run without it.


      Is there anything else I can try to get this memory working? Thanks in advance.

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          i believe that this particular motherboard does not support ECC memory.

          I think you are out of luck with these particular kits. You have to wait for the 2*8GB kits to go mainstream.


          Check this link (Product specs) :



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            hekt1c wrote:

            I thought ECC was just an extra option and that the board could run without it.

            You've now learned that it's not and when your board specs calls for non-ECC memory, that's what you should use. I hope your supplier will be good about refunding you on the incorrect memory. You'll also need to ensure that the OS you choose is capable of working with 32 GB of RAM as several versions of Windows 7 (even x64) will not fully utilise that much memory.

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              ...and the saga continues. This is easily the most problems I've ever had with a PC build. The memory issue was my fault, so I've swapped for RAM that has the exact time needed and is non-ECC. It stress tests for 8 hours with no issues.


              This has never been a stable PC, and I always assumed it was the RAM problems. Now the RAM I have is correct, but the PC will completely restart about once a day. Sometimes its a BSOD, sometimes just a hard cut of system power. Every single time this happens the machine will reboot, attempt to boot to the network, and then tell me no boot device can be found. I then reboot, set the system back to BIOS defaults and the PC boots fine. When I view Event Manager I'm told the system unexpectedly lost power. I'm using a 1200W Antec power supply with a single Patriot 6GB SATA SSD and two video cards, so I don't think power is the issue.


              Then I start looking into the recall on the Sandybridge chips. Apparently the issue is not with the chip itself, but the chipset and degradation of the 6GB ports. Knowing this I swapped the Patriot SSD down to a 3GB SATA port and removed all connections to the 6GB ports. The system will stress test the processor and RAM for hours, but I still get the random hard crash.


              Another interesting fact is the "Intel Desktop Utilities" shows there is no data available for my board as far as model and BIOS version go - but states I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition. I am currently running 7 64 bit.


              At this point I don't know if I need to swap the board or the chip, but I'm running out of ideas.


              Thanks for the assistance.

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                Not a good idea updating the bios with bad memory. Did you re-flash?

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                  You're not the only one who has a problem with Desktop Utilities--I am experiencing the same symptoms with IDU (and Integrator Assistant) on my new DZ68BC motherboard populated with 16GB of RAM:



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                    No kidding - right? Good ol' XP. As much as I loved it...it's strange for it to still pick this up.


                    I don't recall the exact order of flashing. I did however flash with the latest, it told me it's what I already had, but I went ahead and did it, with the new RAM today. Is this generally something that fixes my kind of problems? I've never given much thought to a reflash of the same.


                    Thanks for your help.


                    Per the Intel desktop utility below - I'll just chalk it up to it not working and un-install. I just need a stable system


                    Long story short I re-flashed this AM and will stress test all day and report back.


                    I'm still confused about if I should seek a recall replacement.

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                      Are you using BIOS v.2111?  If you are, welcome to the unstable club.  Were patiently awaiting a stable revision.  Lots of folks having issues with OC and boot loop upon wakeup.

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                        Did you try loading defaults after the flash to clear out any old settings?


                        What RAM are you using (Make and Model numbers)?  This board is very picky on ram these last few updates.  2040 and 2053 gave me no OC errors and ram worked as intended.  not sure about other issues though.


                        as for recall, if you have an AA number of G10491-303 or greater, then you should be fine.  if it ends in 302 or less then it is the old B2 motherboard and suggest RMA immediately.  Ask for cross shipping to get the board quicker and your system won't be down for days while waiting.  I got mine overnight and I ordered it in the evening.


                        FYI.  Your AA number is located left of the skull.




                        ps. on your ecc ram, it is dependant on the memory controller used, and since these are on the cpu now, all desktop i processors are non-ecc and all Xeon's have ecc with some motherboards having options to run without ecc enabled.

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                          I'm not sure if that's good or bad news! lol


                          I am using .2111 - which appears to be the latest. As you said, I guess we don't have much choice but to wait....


                          More updates on the problems below...

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                            I really appreciate your help.


                            You gave me the big answer I was searching for, and it would appear that I do not need to seek an RMA. My board is tagged with AAG10491-306 to the left of the skull, so I guess the chipset is ok.


                            The memory I'm using is Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1600C9. I spoke with Intel support, and they confirmed that this memory would be fine.Thanks for clarifying the issue on ECC.


                            The latest on the issue is I still have the 6GB SSD drive connected through the 3GB port - but I've removed all the headers from the board that aren't necessary (USB, Firewire and Audio) fans are still hooked up.


                            After speaking with Intel support, they told me it was either a bad PSU (I'm using a 1200W Antec) the board grounding to the case, or one of the headers having an issue.


                            Now that the front panel isn't connected, I haven't had a single reboot *crosses fingers* I'm going to prime 95 it over the weekend and see if it stays on. If so, I'll then move the drive back to the 6GB port and test again. If that works I'll then see if Corsair will help me out with the case. It's their flagship black one, kinda bummed to see it having issues.


                            But that's where the issue stands, I appreciate all the help!