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    Raid sets inaccessible after reinstall Windows 7


      Hi everyone,


      After reinstalling Windows 7 I am unable to access my 2 raid sets.


      My system is as follows:


      CPU brand, model and speed: Intel i7 2600K
      Motherboard model: MSI P67A-GD80 E7672IMS V10.0
      Memory brand, type/speed, size, number of sticks: Corsair Venguance 2 x 4GB 1333
      Video card brand, chipset type, memory size: Nvidia GTX580 1536MB
      Hard drive(s) brand, size, type, speed: Intel SSD 80GB X25 G2, 2 x Hitachi 2TB raid-0, 2 x Seagate 1,5TB raid-0
      Any other peripheral cards and devices: n/a
      Operating system and version: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
      Power Supply Unit brand and output in watts and DC output (amps): Antec Cp-850


      To explain the issue,
      I've setup 2 raid sets from the raid setup screen on bootup on the Hitachi's and the Seagates. One raid set is a backup of the other so obviously this is quite important to me.

      After reinstalling Windows these are no longer recognized. At first all 4 disks were visible individually and windows was popping up chkdsk on bootup, which ive cancelled each time.

      After installing the latest driver from intel (RST, same version was installed before reinstallation) I now get to see the 2 raid disks of the correct size but they are showing as RAW. Windows wants to initialize the disks. Next to that there are 2 disks with the same sizes as the raw disks with a partition and drive letter, but they are inaccessible. Windows wants to format the disks. I've removed the drive letter from these drives to prevent issues with programs wanting to access them.

      Windows Disk Manager is giving me the option between MBR and GPT upon initializing the disks and advises to use GPT for >2TB drives. Both volumes are over 2TB but when I choose either option it pops up a message saying the "system cannot find the file specified". Also I am not sure whether I've used MBR or GPT previously but both give the error message.


      In the system event log I am getting the following message:

      Log Name:      System
      Source:        Virtual Disk Service
      Date:          6-11-2011 11:52:33
      Event ID:      10
      Task Category: None
      Level:         Error
      Keywords:      Classic
      User:          N/A
      Computer:      Win7ibi
      VDS fails to write boot code on a disk during clean operation. Error code: 80070002@02070008
      Event Xml:
      <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
          <Provider Name="Virtual Disk Service" />
          <EventID Qualifiers="49664">10</EventID>
          <TimeCreated SystemTime="2011-11-06T10:52:33.000000000Z" />
          <Security />


      Last but not least, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application does not see raid volumes, it is showing me individual drives.

      I hope someone can help me here, thanks in advance!