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    Not really sure if this is a problem...



      I have Core i5 2300 processor on MSI P64A-C45(B3) motherboard. I know that processors normal clock speed is 2800 MHz. When I check it in MSI Control Centre or CPUID CPU-Z, it registers all 4 cores working on 1600 MHz. In Setup, all options are set to default, turbo is enabled and it shows speed of 2800 MHz (on the up-right corner clock meter). I am not really experienced with overclocking and I surley didn't try that on this new processor (I know about locked multiplier). I don't know what multiplier and voltage to set so it can work on 2800 MHz, or if that is even needed here. Is that part of some new energy saving technologies? Does it speed it self up when needed or is it a malfunction and I should be worried? Plesae ask if you need any more information for extensive expenation. Thanks
      Sorry if there sre some spelling or grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.