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    intel 1030 ftp upload problem on wista 7


      I have a Asus N75 laptop, tp-link router 941n and the  Dreambox 8000 HD  networked.
      Dreambox LAN via cable and Asus Wifi.

      When  upload (eg films) from  Asus to dreambox via Total Commander I get the following results:

      1. When I connected Asus with lan cable and Dreambox with lan cable, Up and Down ftp is the same. about 11.000-12.000kbytes/sec

      2 - When the Asus have WiFi connection upload to my Dreambox does not  exceed 2.500kbytes/sec and often is about 2.000kbytes/sec. but download from Dreambox is over 9.000kbytes/sec.

      I do not understand why my upload speed is so bad I think that it shoulb be about 4.500kbytes/sec

      Is there a way to fix it and get more upload speed

      My OS is Windows 7 64, and i have the latest driver for wifi card