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    DP55WG Board Issue still


      DP55WG using Core i3-560, no post.  The CPU fan will spin and stop, spin again and stop, this is continous. Tried different memory manufactures, different power supplis, the LED display will blink really quick, green light is steady, red LED will blink with CPU fan spinning, no beeps with memory removed and or graphics card, all drives disconnected.  I believe this is a board issue.  Any comments will help.



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          Hey, wish I had a solution for you - but I thought I would reply. I have the same board, and same CPU. I cannot get it to POST! In my case everything seems to power up and look good but the light near the power button on the board blinks every few seconds, fans stay running. The digital error code goes back and forth from 36 and 60. Originally for whatever reason the CMOS jumper wasn't on the board. After replacing that... I thought I had it, but same thing. The board will beep 3 times if I remove all the memory. I have only been able to try 1333MHz RAM. May buy some slower stuff to see if that will POST and go from there...

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            So I solved my issue. The problem is the BIOS on the board isn't compatible with i3 ( or any I series as far as I can tell). So you need to flash To the newest BIOS. A couple things you can do since you cannot POST. Download the recovery BIOS file from intel website (.bio extension), you can then put that on a CD or USB drive. Remove the CMOS jumper completely from the board( recovery mode). Insert the disk/ USB drive...restart. Now that the jumper is off, the BIOS will scan for .bio "recovery" file . Give it at least 5-10 minutes, surprisingly the system will POST and start writing the new BIOS! I actually never thought this would work...once this is successful you should shutdown then put your CMOS jumper back to normal, and restart to a POST!