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    Intel Server board S1200BTL - VMware vSphere 5 HCL


      I just purchased this board and waiting for delivery.  I purchased this board because it is on VMware's HCL for vSphere 5. I had recently purchased an Intel desktop board DZ68DB but was having issues with the "system" just freezing with SRM testing.  I read the desktop boards have issues with multiple NIC's installed?  Anyway, returned DZ68DB and purchased this server board S1200BTL.  The S1200BTL has two onboard NICs; Intel 82574L and Intel 82578DM.  I find it odd the NICs are different?  And the 82574L is listed as supported on VMware's HCL however the 82578DM is not supported?  So basically I will only have one onboard NIC I can use with vSphere 5? Are there any plans to provide vSphere 5 drivers for the 82578DM NIC?  I know from experience the 82578DM NIC will not load with vSphere 5 as that is the same NIC on the desktop board mentioned above.


      Thanks for your assistance.

      Tom Miller