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    Q: Better Drivers for D101GGC M$ or Intel?


      I've had to recently reload my Windows XP Home system(yes I'm still in the stone age, but the system still does what I need it to do).  However, I'm wondering which are the better drivers for the D101GGC Mother Board and on-board components, Microsoft's or Intel's?


      The only gaming I really do is World of Warcraft(No this is not the best machine for that, but it works well enough for me).




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          As I don't own that setup I can't comment with direct experience but as far as PCs go generally, the answer is 'whatever works best with your particular setup and which best suits your needs'. I realise that won't be much help to you but in my experience with other boards and as a former computer technician, I usually choose the manufacturer provided drivers unless there are problems because they often have additional features or functions whereas the OS provided ones tend to be plain, no-frills afairs. The Microsoft ones can be handy though in the event of problems with manufacturer supplied drivers  - eg all of Intels website provided Audio Drivers for the DG45ID (and the DP45SG and DG45FC) have issues with systems setup using the optical audio output whereas the Microsoft drivers work OK with this (at least on my DG45ID).

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            Flying_Kiwi wrote:



            'whatever works best with your particular setup and which best suits your needs'


            I appreciate the quick reply.


            This has been my experience as well.  I was hoping for a list of gotchas from users.


            My experience has also been (I used to build my PCs from scratch - don't have the time and the cost difference out weighs the benefits anymore) that once you install some drivers you can not get rid of them, at least not completely.  I was once a big Tyan MB fan.  I had several occasion where trying to install the Tyan drivers over the M$ drivers trashed the configuration.  I tried to remove the drivers and reinstall the OEM ones but that didn't always help.  In some cases, and after building several system, I just had to prevent M$ from installing drivers for onboard peripherals and then install the OEM drivers after loading the OS loaded.  As I recall it was a fight, M$ wants you to use their "Most Perfectly Ever Developed" drivers.



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              Hopefully you will get some replies from users with this specific board but to stop Microsoft from updating / installing drivers you can leave automatic updating turned off during the OS installation (or at least don't run Windows Update on an XP Machine) until after the system is fully setup with the drivers you want in place. Even then, run custom rather than express updates so you can pick and choose anything other than essential updates.


              I've only ever owned one Tyan product - my home server which uses a Tiger MP S2460. I still have it and apart from having to get the board RMAd twice  due to the infamous ATX connector melting issue (and taking out the matching PSU connector on each occasion), it's done it's job OK.

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                I realize this post is pretty old, but maybe if someone else has the same question my reply might help them.


                I know from painful experience that using the generic MS driver rather than the Intel matrix storage driver for this particular motherboard results in a drastic loss of performance.


                I had a really bad virus mess and decided it was easier to reinstall XP.   When it came to F6 time to tell Windows what storage driver to use, I couldn't find my Intel driver for this board.  I figured how bad can the MS driver be?


                It was REALLY bad.  I'm still trying to figure out how to load the Intel driver for this board without completely reinstalling XP.  I wonder if a "repair install" from the XP CD might give me a chance to F6 in the right storage driver.


                Terry D.