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    upgraded to 0132 from 0125 via EB.exe, now no video during POST, but win7x64 runs normally...


      I upgraded my DH67CF board to 0132 (from 0125), and now I dont get any video during POST. Luckily, my win7x64 system starts up fine after that, with normal video. I was previously on 0125, and very happy with it.


      I used the EB method (from windows), and during the update when the power led was flashing I had no video - which made me worry I had bricked my CF. Then the "starting windows" screen displayed, and windows booted up fine from there.


      I tried reverting back to 0125 via recovery bios method, but still dont have video during POST.


      The issue I now have is that since there is no video during post, there is no way for me to get into my bios settings and view/edit them.


      Help please?

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          Updated info:


          As I mentioned in my OP, video was not coming on for the POST process, but once Windows got control, all was fine -> windows is able to display its video.


          I wondered if it had something to do with CMOS settings, so I opened the case, moved the configuration jumper to the other 2 pins and powered up.


          VOILA!  Video during POST! 


          So I went in, reset the BIOS options to Default via the menu option under "Exit" to reset to default options.  I powered down again, put the jumper back to the normal position.


          I went back in after and reset the bios to how I wanted it to be, but DIDNT TOUCH ANY OF THE VIDEO BIOS OPTIONS like I normally do.


          Now all is well=> I just need to now figure out which video option I normally change (and worked on 0125) is causing the no video during POST.


          FYI - I hope this might help someone else who gets into this situation.


          My feeling is that there is some kind of bug in 0132 to do with video bios settings causing no video during POST.

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            Maybe this will help, trying the fast boot recovery.







            Recovery Steps

            Fast boot recovery
            The  BIOS is able to determine  if the previous attempt to boot was  unsuccessful. When the computer is  booted, if the previous boot failed  during POST, Fast Boot will be  disabled and the following message is  displayed: “The previous boot  attempt failed. Would you like to restore  Fast Boot on the next boot?  (Y/N)”. If the boot attempt fails after  POST (OS boot failure etc.) no  message is displayed and Fast Boot is  still active.

            Power button recovery
            The power button can be used to recover if you encounter Fast Boot problems.

            1. From a powered off state, press and hold the power button for approximately 2 seconds (release it when you hear 3 short beeps).
            2. The BIOS will follow a normal boot path as if Fast Boot were disabled.
            3. If  Fast Boot was enabled, the following message will be  displayed: “Fast  Boot failsafe trigger was detected. Would you like to  restore Fast Boot  on the next boot? (Y/N)”

            Back to BIOS recovery
            This  method can only be  performed on Intel® Desktop Boards that include the  Back to BIOS  feature. It is triggered by pressing a button on the back  panel of the  board. When this button is triggered, it will light up  and the BIOS will  follow a recovery boot process. It forces the BIOS to  boot directly  into the BIOS Setup, where you can disable Fast Boot if  needed.



            BIOS recovery with the configuration jumper
            This method can be performed on any Intel desktop board.

            1. Refer to your board’s Product Guide or Technical Product Specification for the location of the BIOS configuration jumper.
            2. Move the jumper from Pins 1-2 to Pins 2-3.
            3. Turn on the system and it will boot directly into the BIOS, where you can turn off Fast Boot if needed.


            Note on A/C power loss
            If   Fast Boot is enabled and your system loses A/C power during the POST   process, the board will detect the A/C power loss on the next boot and   you will receive the message "“The previous boot attempt failed. Would   you like to restore Fast Boot on the next boot? (Y/N)”.

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              Actually, for me, to fix the "no video during POST" error, it was as simple as moving the configuration jumper to the other pins (I think its 1 & 2?) and booting.  That gave me video during post.  Now that I had video, I reset my BIOS options back to the default "Load Defaults".


              I was able to then set options to what I wanted AS LONG AS I DIDNT CHANGE ANYTHING UNDER THE VIDEO menuitem.  I have not yet diagnosed which specific option in video causes me to get into that state.