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    Questions about overprovisioning


      Hi there,


      with my latest Intel SSD (SSD320, 600 GB) I made initially 3 partitions (2GB, 50GB, 400GB). The remaining space was 106GB.

      Later I partioned the remainig 106GB as the 4th and last primary partition.


      After I had partioned the 4th partition I rememberd that some space of the SSD should be left unpartitioned because it's good for live and performance of the SSD.


      So I removed the last partiton (106GB) which was not formatted and no data was written to it. Then I made a new last partition with 40GB. 66GB are now unpartitioned.


      Is the unpartitoned space used by the SSD? Or is it not used because it has been partitioned first?


      Is there a possibility to see if the unpartioned space is used by th SSD (e.g. with Intel SSD Toolbox) ?


      Best regards, FireStarter