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    Intel AMT 7 "Allow network access"




      we configure the Intel 7 AMT via USB. Everything is configured so we are able to login into the MEBx etc. We are unable to connect to the configured computer as long as the "Allow network access" in the MEBx isn't configured.


      1) Is it possible to configure this option via USB because I can't find any option when running the usbfile.exe utility?

      2) If we use HBC configuration is AcuConfig taking care of activating or allowing network access or are there any other options to configure this remotely or via script?





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               For AMT 7, I would recommend you use the ACUConfig.exe instead usbfile.exe that can be found in Intel SCS 7.1 package. You should call ACUConfig.exe with "CreatePSK" parameter. (read pg 104 in SCS 7.1.5 User Guide manual). This version deal automatically with network access.


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          --Bruno Domingues

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