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    DZ68BC - CPU fan header control for non-PWM fans?


      Hello all -


      Just got the new DZ68BC motherboard, and recently upgraded my CPU fan/heatsink setup. I was planning on using a 120mm non-PWM fan, but it looks like the processor header is unable to control the speed of non-PWM fans whereas all the other fan headers (ones in red - rear, front, and aux) are able to control the fan speed with ease. My prior PWM fan was well controlled on the processor fan header. So my temporary solution was to use the rear fan header for my CPU fans so that I could dial the fan down to my desired level.


      Is the processor fan header intentionally designed with voltage control omitted - so that the fan speed can only be controlled by PWM? Or do I have a defective board?


      Would love to hear what other owners think also - especially those with recent boards in the Extreme series.


      Thanks much in advance!