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    Windows Home Server 2011


      Does Intel have any boards (desktop or server) that support this OS?  Has anyone installed WHS 2011 successfully on an Intel board (perhaps without Intel support)?

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          Installed on:






          All with Windows 7 drivers. Please note that you have to add the network driver during installation (via USB Flash).




          Catalin Pana

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            Awesome.  I was actually hoping to try on something like an S1200BT with some kind of RAID due to Drive Extender being unavailable now.

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              I've got a DH77DF motherboard -- when WHS got to the point of saying I needed to add network driver, I tried all I could find from Intel's site -- even aborted the final setting up and tried to install drivers from the exe using a flash drive.  The exe saves the temp files so fast, I don't know where it puts them.  I updated the bios.  It finds the 82579V drivers on 64bit w7.  I was able to update the drivers from all the other devices (video, usb) from the supplied driver cd.

              How can I get this Windows Home Server 2011 to recognize the network driver ?

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                According to Intel Network adapter drivers Release Notes (older and current versions) network controller 82579V is not supported under WinServer2008 R2 (which is the core that WHS 2011 is based upon).

                I my self got setup a home server on Intel Server Board S1200KP using an i32100T and 2*4GB off DDR3-1333MHz ram sticks with out the problem of network controller.

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                  Thanks for your interest and reply -- there is no reason for intel not to have a driver for this network adapter -- the first time in all the computers I have messed with that a new mb didn't have drivers available, no matter the current operating system -- unless there is some hardware compatability issue with the 82579V, then I just consider it laziness on Intel's part -- spent hours on phone with intel trying to get this resolved.  Asus also sells the same mb, but same problem there.  Ordered a ASRock Z77E-ITX mb which uses a Broadcom BCM57781, should be in Monday

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                    In the past i had managed to install successfully Windows Home Server v1.0 on a Intel Desktop Board DG41MJ which had a Realtek Ethernet controller. The same applied to Intel Desktop Board DH57JG which had a Intel Supported controller.

                    I wish you the best of luck with your project anyway.... 

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                      Look at http://communities.intel.com/message/159267#159267 , by a manual edit of PROSet .inf files you can force driver support for 'unsupported' Intel NICs for server OSes.

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                        jFFulcrm -- That is a great site -- thanks