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    How to create RAID with Intel Rapid Storage Technology on ICH9R with 3TB disks




      I'm using Win 7 64 bit professionel on a gigabyte mainboard GA-X48-DQ6 with North Bridge: Intel® X48 , South Bridge: Intel® ICH9R Chipset. The bios has included the Intel Matrix Storage Manager ROM V8.9.1.1002 ICH10R/00 wRAID5. Intel Rapid Storage Technology Manager is installed!


      I have 6 x WD30EZRX disks. All of them have 3TB capacity.


      The SATA mode is RAID configured. I know the bios ROM storage Manager doesn't support 3 TB disks. Inside the configuration there are only ~ 760GB per disk visible.


      But the 'Intel Rapid Storage Technology Manager' in Windows 7 shows  in the 'Storage System View' all disks with ~3TB (2,7TB). I can view and access every disk.



      I can't create any RAID system inside the Software Mangager. I can see model number, serial number, firmware and so on, but no menu where I can create a software RAID.


      So please how can I create a software RAID? I can not find any menu or popup with this option?


      Thanks for every answer.