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    Bricked 3 DX58SO's with IDCC


      yes, the Intel Desktop Control Center bricked 3 DX58SO motherboards.

      buyer beware DO NOT use the auto tune, even with the within manufacturers specs setting.

      the IDCC goes to set defaults and reboot the system, windows shuts down and the PC never comes back.


      not happy at all.


      DX58SO (switching to EVGA X58 FTW)

      Kingwin 1220w PSU (switching to EVGA 1200w

      2x gtx580 hydro copper

      mushkin silverline 998770 12gb(3x4gb) 1.5v RAM

      OCZ revo3 ssd PCIe drive

      W7 x64


      Intel just keeps RMA the boards since all equipment is in spec.


      if anyone here has had the same issue and has been successful in recovering the machine (no beeps, no bios, no boot, no video) please chime in with your solution. id rather recover the machine than undo all my liquid cooling, wiring, and chassis mounting again.


      if anyone here has had the same issue even without a fix it would be helpful to chime in

      many thanks.

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          Do a BIOS recovery , than before you let the computer get past the BIOS go into the BIOS and set everything to Manuel, That way the IDCC will not conflict with the Auto BIOS settings.

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            no good. any procedure followed results in no video, no bios, no boot, no beeps. i have done the clear CMOS, bios recovery (different versions tried also) have exchanged RAM, CPU, video, PSU's. all to no avail. only resolution is RMA. i now have my 4th board and will never install and run the IDCC again. at least in my experience the IDCC is for sure the culpret. 

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              kev3303 wrote:

              at least in my experience the IDCC is for sure the culpret.

              How do you know it's not a conflict between IDCC and some other software on your PC? I think if it was that black and white that installing IDCC on a DX58SO killed the board, Intel would have spotted this long ago and MANY more people would have posted in similar comments. Next time you perform a fresh install of Windows, immediately after installing the relevant OS drivers and before connecting any extra peripherals or before installing any additional software or apps, install IDCC and see how it goes then. If you have success then progressively install each of your apps, testing IDCC with each one straight afterwards to see if that's adversely affected things.

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                its been fresh win installs on each mobo, i clean install windows, the intel chipset drivers, intel raid software, intel nic drivers, IDCC and run the auto-tune (using 'within manufacturers specs setting'). thats been it, very bare installs. just like your recommendation is exactly what i have done to recreate the issue 3x now. id like to progressively narrow it down further but i dont think intel will give me any more RMA's lol. i now have my 4th board from RMA Dept. and i will not be running the IDCC any more. intel has said that in their lab they can not recreate the issue, however they are not using the same bios version, or CPU. id just like to hear of a way to actually recover the bios back to booting as no process from intel tech support has worked.

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                  Oh I see your concern then. As you have extremely high end components maybe others don't have this same gear, hence how you're the only one experiencing the problem.


                  I'm dissapointed that you've said Intel won't lab test with your same CPU and setup (It's understandable they might use an Intel SSD instead of your brand). It seems this would be a way of getting to the bottom of things. I'd get back to Tech Support about it because you don't have all the bells and whistles you've paid for if you are not able to install and run IDCC and Intel Tech Support should be willing to help you get that! Good luck and let us know what they say.

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                    I'm not currently using a DX58SO, but I have issues with my DX58SO2.  I have the same CPU also two GTX580 cards in SLI.  I also have compatible Kingston 1.5V memory and an Enemax MaxRevo 1350W PSU.


                    What I can tell you is that I also have issues with the DX58SO2 motherboard but not as bad as yours.  I really do not think Intel tests these boards at all with high-end components for me to get so many repeat failures with each and every RMA.