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    DH67BL Firmware 0132


      Anybody has problemes with this firmware? Can I update my motherboard bios safely?

        Thanks and goodbye.



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          no boot on windows XP, on processor I5 2300 with HD2000 graphic card activated : the system reboot after the XP boot screen (even on rescue mode)

          Linux is working in low resolution

          seems to be a graphical issue.


          Looking for a way to downgrade on 0125

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            The problem remains, will the Intel will never make a good firmware? Intel is a shame, for me I will keep 0125 forever .
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              I use the DVI(-analog) connector to plug a VGA screen.

              My linux (Fedora 15 64b) finds the good screen resolution up to the firmware 102.


              Above this rev (a P letter appears after the number, in the name of the file), Linux can t find (and reach) the screen res.

              My XP (and even the bios) has the same problem.


              My XP 32b was unable to boot because of the changing IDE sata config to AHCI, in the Bios settings.

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                Well, I have a slightly different board, but....


                I upgraded my DH67CF board to 0132, and now I dont get any video during POST (but windows starts up fine, and WITH video :-)), so I cannot enter the BIOS and view/edit settings.  I was previously on 0125, and very happy with it.  I really wish I had not updated my BIOS looking back.


                I will be posting a thread asking for help about how to get video back during POST since I am sure at some point I will really want to view/edit my BIOS settings :-)


                I tried reverting back to 0125 via recovery bios method, but still dont have video during POST.

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                  jwdaigle wrote:


                  I tried reverting back to 0125 via recovery bios method, but still dont have video during POST.

                  What are you using to try and view the POST screen (and connected how)? Often HDMI connected screens (eg many TVs) will have this problem anyway.Do you have another device you can try viewing the post screen with (for testing purposes)?

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                    I too have this same issue! I had a WOL issue, and followed an Intel Tech recommendation to perform a bios recovery, which i did to 132, and now I have   no video at post through hdmi nor dvi.  I can no longer access the bios, I've spent hours tinkering, thinking I was missing the obvious.  PLEASE HELP!



                    11/4/2011 Update.  I stumbled upon the same solution as jwdaigle.  Seems you can't tweak the video settings under the configuration tab.  Changing this to any other setting other than "auto" will not display your video.  Use jwdaigle's suggestion and move the jumper  and restore defaults as he suggests and video will be back...and know you can't adjust your video setting under this .132 bios!

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                      Maybe this will help, trying the fast boot recovery.







                      Recovery Steps

                      Fast boot recovery
                      The BIOS is able to determine  if the previous attempt to boot was unsuccessful. When the computer is  booted, if the previous boot failed during POST, Fast Boot will be  disabled and the following message is displayed: “The previous boot  attempt failed. Would you like to restore Fast Boot on the next boot?  (Y/N)”. If the boot attempt fails after POST (OS boot failure etc.) no  message is displayed and Fast Boot is still active.

                      Power button recovery
                      The power button can be used to recover if you encounter Fast Boot problems.

                      1. From a powered off state, press and hold the power button for approximately 2 seconds (release it when you hear 3 short beeps).
                      2. The BIOS will follow a normal boot path as if Fast Boot were disabled.
                      3. If Fast Boot was enabled, the following message will be  displayed: “Fast Boot failsafe trigger was detected. Would you like to  restore Fast Boot on the next boot? (Y/N)”

                      Back to BIOS recovery
                      This method can only be  performed on Intel® Desktop Boards that include the Back to BIOS  feature. It is triggered by pressing a button on the back panel of the  board. When this button is triggered, it will light up and the BIOS will  follow a recovery boot process. It forces the BIOS to boot directly  into the BIOS Setup, where you can disable Fast Boot if needed.



                      BIOS recovery with the configuration jumper
                      This method can be performed on any Intel desktop board.

                      1. Refer to your board’s Product Guide or Technical Product Specification for the location of the BIOS configuration jumper.
                      2. Move the jumper from Pins 1-2 to Pins 2-3.
                      3. Turn on the system and it will boot directly into the BIOS, where you can turn off Fast Boot if needed.


                      Note on A/C power loss
                      If  Fast Boot is enabled and your system loses A/C power during the POST  process, the board will detect the A/C power loss on the next boot and  you will receive the message "“The previous boot attempt failed. Would  you like to restore Fast Boot on the next boot? (Y/N)”.

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                        ya, it really made me worry also.  I dont know if the issue you are having is the same as mine, but check out my other thread where I solved my issue.  it might be the same for you => if you have set some of the video options to non-default settings.


                        If that is it, then there is an easy fix.