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    S5000PAL x5355 Error 19f




      I have a problem with an SR2500ALLXR.


      S5000PAL with latest Bios (S5000.86B.15.00.0101.11092010)

      2x x5355 6FB/SLAEG (Processor information screens in the BIOS are equal)


      The error manager in the BIOS shows one error 19F (processor & chipset stepping configuration unsupported).

      The BIOS changelog (http://downloadmirror.intel.com/19603/eng/release.txt) means 5300 series is supported, also http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/CS-022346.htm says it´s supported.


      Linux boots fine, all CPUs are deteced, no lookups.

      On the surface everything seems to work apart from the BIOS message.


      But if the system gets stressed with more than 2 cores it slows down and gets extremly laggy.

      mprime on 8 cores -> ssh console lags a few seconds.

      starting a java server booting 80 processes -> startup takes 10mins, load average jumps up to 50+, unresponsive is not the correct term;)

      On a similar system it takes <10 seconds.


      It seems like SMP is broken. But absolutely no failures anywhere. All logs are clear.


      Anyone has an idea?


      Tnx in advance.