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    New Intel Firmware 0132, This time is good or not?


      Since the 0125 firmware that Intel  can not do any more better firmware, it's a shame that a company like  Intel is only doing crap firmware and can not seem to get out of this.  For me still with the 0125 and just get out of there only after spending  several months with no problems, I am tired of doing backtracked  when a  new firmware is out, perhaps I change  firmware towards the end of the  year if there is no problems.

      Ist´s a shame, Intel.




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          I installed today firmware 0132 on my DH67GD motherboard starting from 0131, using F7 function key.

          This was after 125, then 128 (cancelled) then 131 (cancelled again).

          All these firmware were running fine here with this board, I know it is not the case with DH67CF.

          All were installed using F7 function key at startup and a memory stick with .BIO file.

          The  release notes includes now the addition of what was on 128 + 131, nothing else.

          The PC is running windows 7 x64 with 0132.