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    Advanced-N 6200 AGN Wireless throughput Performance feedback


      I recently bought a new laptop which includes the Advanced-N 6200 AGN network card. I'm connecting to an Airport Extreme wireless basestation (wifi router). Performance was poor in comparison to the previous laptop (a Dell Inspiron 1520 with a Broadcom 802.11g card.


      Using http://www.speedtest.net/ to test upload/download rates, here's what I was seeing:


      ComputerUpload MbpsDownload MbpsOperating System
      Mac Desktop26.50.95Mac 10.6.8
      Dell Inspiron 152022.50.94Win 2008 Server
      Dell Studio 171.70.5Windows 7 Home Premium


      Over at this page; you recommend using the Intel driver update to ensure the latest driver. I had only done Windows Update, so it is wrong to presume that that alone will bring you to the latest NIC driver. For the driver software version, I was at 13.x, now I'm at (by the way, the update doesn't work in Chrome)


      Now, I'm getting comensurate speeds:


      ComputerUpload MbpsDownload MbpsOperating System
      Dell Studio 1720.50.94Windows 7 Home Premium

      So, while I'd like it to be on par, and there might be tweaks outside of what I performed on the page above I don't know about, but on the whole, that's much better.