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    ich9r  OS resets partitions when raid 5 member lost


      OK have kind of a convoluted setup so bare with me.  Old (shame 2 1/2 years is considered old) Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 motherboard.  Has ICH9R chipset.  I bought 5 3TB hard drives and to my dismay it will show them in AHCI mode but not RAID. So someone gets me an updated ROM for my bios that includes  Woosh drives show as 3TB now instead of 627GB.  Go into Windows Home Server 2011 (built on Windows 2008 R2) and it shows 749GB.  So install the Intel drivers and now shows correctly.  Problem I'm having is every so often, one of the drives goes down.  No smart trigger or anything.  Rebooting hangs on the intel bios part.  Turning off an on it comes back fine and starts rebuilding.  Problem is I used to have an 11TB partition and when Windows sees it again, it thinks it's a new drive with the pop-up message to set the disk number or whatever it is.  When it comes up I have a 2TB partition and a 9TB partition.  Both blank.  Of course using DiskInternals Raid Recovery I can still see the 11TB partition and pull the data off it.  Now my question, I'm not going to get into if the drives are bad, I can test those.  Question is, is it normal that the OS would reset the partitions, am I doing something wrong after a disk drops, would a PCI Express Intel card work better or differently?





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          In fact it is not normal that the RAID volume needs to be reinitialized all the times that the system boots resetting all the partition(s) that have been previously created.


          At this moment, keep in mind that Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology 10.6 has not been validated for Windows* Server 2011, so this could be a driver compatibility issue.


          Take under consideration that this is a software RAID solution, so everything runs through the driver on the operating system, and if it not validated to work properly, is not guaranteed to be stable.


          In the other hand, a hardware RAID solution would be definitely an improvement in many levels, so if you have the change to use one, check for one compatible with the platform you are using. For information on our hardware RAID solutions and more information about them you can refer to:



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            Thanks for the reply. You probably missed it in my original email. It's not Windows 2011. It's windows home server 2011 which is Windows 2008 R2.