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    DP67DE: FastBoot Video Optimization option loses the boot device???


      I've been building and setting up a new system, using a DP67DE microATX board, RAID1 with conventional drives, and an nVidia Quadro 600 videocard.


      If I enable the Video Optimization option (one of three FastBoot options), the subsequent boot will report that a bootable device cannot be found.  I thought the Video Optimization option simply eliminated the graphic splash screen.


      I'm wondering if anyone has any idea why enabling Video Optimization in FastBoot would cause the system to not be able to find a bootable device.



      There's a wooly story, of course.  All new builds are "learning experiences", as my father would say.  I provide mine, below, in case some detail is relevant.


      The board came with BIOS v 0055 [BAP6710H.86A], and after initially enabling UEFI and setting up Win7 x64 on a pair of conventional Western Digital drives in RAID1, I elected to update the BIOS to v 0072, the latest available.  After the BIOS update, Windows reported corruption in its BCD (boot configuration data?)  After fiddling around a bit, I elected to reboot to the installation DVD and to use the install program to delete the original partitions and recreate them, before installing Win7 x64 anew.  UEFI was enabled for this install.  I did not modify anything in the Intel BIOS RAID utility, post BIOS update.