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    [SOLVED] Help Identifying S5000PSL Board


      I recently picked up a [Rackable C2004 2U] system that contains an S5000PSL board and dual E5345's.  I'm having trouble correctly identifying the [specific] board [model] that I have.  So here's what I do know based on what I saw physically printed on the board:

      1. The Part Number (P/N) is DAT73BMB8G0 Rev G
      2. The Printed Board Assembly (PBA) Revision is E11027-101
      3. The BIOS version  is S5000.868.07.00.0079.060520071732.


      The reason this is imprtant is because I'd like to upgrade to 5200/5400 series processors for a virtualization project.  I have perused these pages & documents:

      But I can't find the board product code or material master number.  The PBA Revsion number above, which shows as the 'Board Part Nuumber' in the BIOS, and the BIOS version appear to fit the bill according to one document/KB article, but is that sufficient information to confirm the board will support either series of processors (52xx/54xx)?  Naturally I have several concerns:
      • Finding the actual product code.  The only model I see anywhere on the board is S5000PSL; I don't see anything that says S5000PSLROMBR, S5000PSLSASR or S5000PSLSATAR.  (I also don't see anything that says Intel Server Board SKU Platform SKU or Integrated SKU Number)
      • Finding any documentation for just a plain jane 'S5000PSL' motherboard - everything includes several other letters/acronyms after 'PSL'
      • Finding the material master number
      • Have I exceeded the BIOS version requirement?  (e.g.: Does it mean any bios version => S5000.84x.xx.xx.xxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx or is it some other number/sequence entirely?)
      Because it is a board with SATA ports I assume its S5000PSLSATA or S5000PSLSATAR but I have no way of confirming this.  I don't want to buy procs that may not work and have to return them.
      Any thoughts/ideas?
      Many thanks for your time & expertise!
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          Did you see the Intel® Xeon® Processors 5400 and 5200 support page? It indicates processor support by S5000PSL Material Master Number (MM) and Printed Board Assembly (PBA) Revision.



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            Thanks for the response John


            I did see that page - its the third link down in the list of resources I checked.  The problem is I can't locate/confirm the:

            • Product Code
            • Material Master Number (MM)



            • I found the 'Printed Board Assembly (PBA) Revision' printed on the board itself; It also shows up in the BIOS as 'Board Part Number'
            • The BIOS Version appears to be greater than '84': S5000.868.07.00.0079.060520071732 but I assume that's the proper version/sequence.


            I'm trying to find the Product Code and Material Master Number (MM) to confirm its going to work.  I'd prefer to avoid the purchase-test-return process if at all possible.


            Do all three requirements have to be met or will just one or two suffice?  What if my PBA and BIOS version are good but I the MM isn't?  (Is that even possible?)

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              The Product Code Material, Master Number (MM) or Printed Board Assembly (PBA) Revision are just different methods to the same result. If you know one of them you can determine processor compatibility from the table on the page.


              You can determine the BIOS revision from the BIOS Identification String. See the Intel® S5000 Server Board Family Datasheet on page 24 for details about the BIOS string.




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                That is fantastic news - and what I was hoping for.

                You've made my year.

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                  Glad to help Julius.


                  I just pointed you to the information. You figured it out yourself.


                  One thing to check to more detail is your BIOS revision. BIOS 101 (the current or latest BIOS revision) has a string of: S5000.86B.15.00.0101.11092010. From there we see that the fifth dot location (0101) is the BIOS revision indicator. Your BIOS string: S5000.86B.07.00.0079.060520071732 looks like its currently build 79, so you'll need to update. But updating the BIOS should be done with almost any hardware change. So with you processor update, now is a good time. But remember to update before you change the processors so the new ones will be recognized correctly.


                  Good Luck,


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                    Gee John covered it all execpt the board type.


                    E11027-xxx is the SATA version of the mother bord.


                    S5000PSLSATAR or (S5000PSLROMBR if it has the optional SAS add in raid card)

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