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    HDMI port not working on Samsung QX412 with Intel HD Graphics 3000


      Hi Guys,


      I've just switched back from Ubuntu 11.10 to Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit, but can't get the HDMI port of my Samsung QX412 Laptop to work. The hardware is fine, as it works perfectly with Ubuntu.


      I've tried both the newest and the oldest Version of Intel VGA Drivers from the Samsung Homepage, tried the latest download from Intel's downloadcenter, tried the driver that was suggested when autodetecting, and I've also tried the latest driver that Windows offers. With each and every driver I get the same result: the display works finde, but the HDMI port is not available. If I connect my external monitor it is not recognized.


      I've installed all Windows updates. Prior to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installing any Intel graphics driver would lead to a BSOD on boot, so I'm happy that I got it running so far. Anyway, working without an external monitor is quite a chore, so I'd really like to get the HDMI port running. Any ideas on that?


      One interesting thing is, as soon as I update the Intel graphics driver to any version, the monitor connected via the HDMI cable will flicker, but turn off afterwards. The monitor can never be selected - neither by using Windows' standard "Change resolution" dialog, nor by using the Intel or Samsung tools.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks for your effort!

      Best regards,