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    Display driver stopped responding and has recovered


      Hello Everyone,


      We have a user in our office that is getting the following message a few times a day.


      "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

      Display driver Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers for Windows XP(R) stopped

      responding and has successfully recovered."


      She is running Windows 7 32bit and she was not upgraded this was a clean install when we gave her the machine.


      I first came here to Intel's website and downloaded the newest drivers. A couple days later she got the message again.

      I then uninstalled all things Intel from Device Manager and Programs and Features, and downloaded the latest drivers from Dell's website (she has a Latitude E5400) for Chipset, Graphics, and BIOS. That seemed to work for a few days, but then today she has received the message two more times.


      I hope somebody here has some other suggestions, because I am pulling my hair out here.