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    New Intel I7-2600k overheating


      My processor seems to be running SUPER hot even when the comp is idling. It was running in the 80's Celsius just being in the BIOS!


      Well i took the stock heatsink off wiped off the thermal paste it came with and put on a fresh layer of Arctic Silver 5 paste. I then checked that i seated the heatsink on correctly a billion times, made sure it was tight and snug, booted up the comp and went into BIOS and low and behold my cpu temp was reading in the high 60's celsius and rising...


      Not sure whats going on here..


      My comp specs are:


      Windows 7 x64

      P8P67 LE motherboard

      4GB Patriot G2 PC3-12800 1600MHz Ram (comp is running it at 1333mhz)

      Nvidia GTX 560

      Antec 650W PSU


      To my understanding the stock i7-2600k heatksink/fan should be able to keep the cpu at 30-40 celsius so why is mine double that when the computer is idling?


      I dont think its an airflow issue since everything else in the computer is running at normal temps but my fan setup is a rear exhaust fan with a front intake fan. Help diagnosing the problem would be much appreciated.

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          well with everything i had tried to do on my part i came to the conclusion of I either have a bad mobo or cpu, maybe even the psu?...


          I'm leaning more towards motherboard though. Mainly because a faulty cpu in my opinion would be more evident right? And the cpu overheating byitself doesnt addup with a faulty psu imo..


          My reasons for thinking its the motherboard is because in the bios my cpu temp will rise from 60 celsius to 79 celsius and during this whole time my cpu fan speed would be at about 25% (on the scale) and 1800-1900 RPMs (rating) and not budge. Even when the cpu temp scale starts flashing red there is no movement in CPU fan speed. I even tried increasing the speed in bios but has no effect at all...


          I used a 3rd party temp sensor and i get the warning that my cpu is at 87-89 celsius! Probably because of the load of booting into windows.. And on this third party software it doesnt even read my cpu fan speed instead it just clocks it at 0. My computer is running very quiet, a whisper would be louder then the fans on my comp.


          So heres what i got so far.

          My cpu fan spins very quietly and slowly (both visually and according to my bios) and doesnt rise or lower no matter the heat conditions or manually.

          My case fans are powered from my motherboard and seem to be running quieter/slower maybe..

          My video card fan seems to be normal. I can hear the fan spinning up when i manually increase its fan speed.


          I also did notice that when i hit the power button to turn on the computer my computer seemed like it was about to boot up but would shut off and reboot again by itself then start working, which is odd..


          Anyways if someone can enlighten me on something id appreciate it since i'm bout to go return stuff in a minute which means i have to take a 1hr drive to the store.

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            What are you using for your boards fan speed control software?  I know ASUS supplies one with their boards. There are also settings in the UEFI for enabling it's built-in profiles, but they need to be set correctly so they function.  The ASUS software running in Windows allows you to set and change the CPU fan's speed and reaction to temperature changes, and chassis fans connected to the board as well. Until you do this, you won't know if you have a real problem.

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              Well i went out to frys an picked up another i7-2600k and a new P8P67 board and now my Cpu is running at a good 30-35 celsius. Not sure what the issue was with the other setup.. But all i can say is im finally done...