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    DH55HC - no HDMI after BIOS update


      Hi all,


      I have made a big mistake by updating BIOS in DH55HC to version 0046 as I lost HDMI after this update. I can see two monitors in Windows XP controls but I can see only one detected by Intel utility


      All the drivers are latests, OS is WXP Pro SP3 with all the security updates applied and .NET Framework all versions installed, processor is i5 - 650


      I unfortunately made mistake and did not backed the BIOS up nor noted down the previous version however I tried several older BIOSES and none of them restored HDMI back to life.  I'm quite sure working version before update was from 2009 and I tried all of the 2009 BIOSes but none of them does the trick of reversing the bad fate.


      Anybody please have idea how to resolve this problem?