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    DP55KG still doesn't recognize all 6 SATA ports


      I have a DP55KG with 5 HDDs and 1 DVD drive plugged into the SATA ports. The largest drive is 1.5TB, and is plugged into port 5; the smallest is 160GB and is plugged into port 1; the remaining three are 1TB drives, and they are plugged into ports 2-4.


      Here's my problem: when I plug the 1.5TB drive into port 5, the mobo quits seeing the DVD drive plugged into port 0. I haven't tried any other configurations, but this behavior is completely consistent. So in order to use the DVD drive, I have to unplug the drive in port 5. I've updated to the latest BIOS revision (5936, July 2011), but still the problem has not been fixed.


      I've been checking on this issue for over a year but it never seems to have gotten fixed.

      See this: http://communities.intel.com/search.jspa?communityID=2081&communityID=2094&communityID=2082&communityID=2085&communityID=2084&communityID=2089&resultTypes=BLOG_POST&resultTypes=DOCUMENT&resultTypes=MESSAGE&resultTypes=BLOG&resultTypes=TASK&resultTypes=PROJECT&resultTypes=SOCIAL_GROUP&resultTypes=COMMENT&peopleEnabled=false&q=dp55kg+sata+port+0

      for lots of examples of people having similar problems.


      See these for some specific links:




      I find it ridiculous that this still has not been addressed! Does anyone have any ideas about possible workarounds? I've been hesitant to move around the drives because I'm afraid that Windows will recognize the drives in different orders and it might mess up the boot order or something.


      Intel, any chance you could actually fix this?