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    I am having issues with a 2 processors 2 computers and nothings working now!


      Hey ppl! allright so first slight intro of me, i have been working with computers since windows 95 first came out, I build websites for ppl and knew minimal amounts of C drive writing, I'm 23 with no technical training.

      I had a mediocre computer and I found a nice looking tower at (I know stupid...) goodwill for $15. I plugged it up, went to bios page and would go as far as to say computer wasnt shut dont properly, start normally or safe mode... the restart immediately! so I took 1.5 GB of ram known to work out of other comp, and a 20 GB Hard drive also know to work and inputted into this comp. still didnt work so I felt it might be the processor. I took intel 4 processor out of old comp and inserted into $15 comp. It did exactly the same thing, I tried switching out batteries, editing bios settings to what i thought was norm. resetting to defaults ect. nothing going so i tried inserting the 330 intel celeron d processor into my original comp and black screen... it beeped at me in a way that sounded like an ambulance! turned it off and switched the processors back and now my old (not the $15 comp) comp does the same thing as the comp i bought, says wasnt shut down proper and start regular or safe mode... I have no clue what to do but i have no working home comp now and I need for work... anyone can help me? the newly bought comp has a 80 GB hard drive(goodwill tried to delete info and i believe corrupted it so new OS is needed) 1GB(ddr2) memory 2 slots, 330 intel celeron d processor, i dont know how to find motherboard info but the bios is updated to "bios version sr84510b.44t.0038.p07" the other comp I had has 1.5GB(ddr2) memory 3 slots, 20 GB hard drive, and an intel 4 processor, and again no knowledge of how to find motherboard info... let me know guys! thx!


      P.S. i can get pics up here if need be and any info u need that can help u help me i will get as best as i know how to!