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    Graphics problem iGPU i7 2600k - Solved, sort of!




      I recently purchased a custom built PC, specs below, and could see lines flickering on the screen, mostly at the top, during playback of online Adobe Flash and Divx videos as well as videos from my hard drive. I had tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and plugins and had no luck. I contacted Intel and they said to swap out the CPU. Unfortunately, I had the same issue. I recently was watching a divx video online and was playing around with the OS and changed the desktop theme from Windows Classic to Windows Aero and saw that the amount of video memory in use had gone up to 200+ MB while before it was usually in the 50s. I went back to the video I was watching and noticed that the flickering had gone!


      I then changed the theme back to see if the flickering would come back, and it did. So I changed the Visual Effects in Windows from Best Performance to Best Appearance, and so far I haven't noticed any flickering. Not sure why this occurred. Only thing I can think of is the amount of video memory in use had gone up significantly by changing the visual effects option in Windows, and perhaps that resulted in better video playback.


      Your thoughts?



      Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

      Intel i7 2600k

      Asus P8Z68-V Pro Bios 0801

      16GB Patriot Viper Extreme 1600MHz

      WD Black 1TB 6Gbps

      Corsair 750W Silver series PSU

      Corsair 600T case

      Acer 20" LED via DVI

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          Hi there!


          This problem sounds like video memory is set too low. Have you tried adjusting video memory settings?


          Enter BIOS of your computer and see if there is an option for Video Configuration, Maximum DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) settings and set as Maximum.


          If above option is not available, check with your motherboard manufacturer if there are tips on increasing the amount of graphics memory for your computer model.


          Additionally, try installing the latest graphics drivers here:






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            Thanks for reply Allan,


            In the Asus/Megatrends BIOS, the iGPU memory field is set to 512MB, the highest. Total shared is 1760MB.

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              Forgot to mention that I do have the latest drivers, downloaded from Intel's website. Thanks.

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                You can see below that my system is very similar.  I have experienced the same graphics problem or one that is very similar.  Intel calls it "video distortion."  I get "snow" and moving diagonal lines across the screen.  This system does not stay on because it produces BSODs, shuts itself down and reboots, and sometimes runs a CHKDSK on the reboot.  It almost never gets to the desktop before crashing.  If it does get to the desktop, it will only be there for a few seconds before crashing.  No programs or data files have been loaded onto this machine for obvious reasons.  I have uninstalled/reinstalled Windows, swapped the keyboard, monitor, and mouse, and uninstalled/reinstalled RAM one module at a time.  I do not have a spare LGA 1155 mobo or processor to swap.  I have flashed the BIOS and used higher numbered BIOS versions per Intel's instructions.  So far, nothing has worked.  The issue or issues continue.  I do not want a "sort of" solution.  I want an absolute solution so that these problems are permanently gone.  Please help.



                OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

                Mobo: Intel Executive Series DQ67SW

                Processor: Intel i7-2600K

                RAM: 4 X Corsair 4GB CMX8GX3M2A1333C9  9-9-9-24. 1.5V

                Primary HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200 1TB ST31000528AS

                Secondary HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200 1TB ST31000528AS

                PSU: Rosewill 1000w

                Case: Cooler Master HAF 932

                Optical Drive: Samsung DVD burner