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      Cheers for the help doc_silvercreek my workstaion is now operational.

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          good to hear all is well

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            Quik questions

            should I enable hyperthreading in bios and virtualization as they are both disabled. My CPU is a x5690 and I am using the machine as a workstaion right now so will enabling them make any difference regarding peformance. Also i noticed processor c3 and c6 in bios c6 is enabled but c3 is disabled is this correct or should both be enabled?

            I am getting two beeps in quik succesion on startup is this normal? But everything is running as normal.

            The cpu temp is running  in the 30'c range is this ok. I can get it down in the 20'c but with more noise or can I even run the chip in the 40'c range for ultra quite operation?


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              For most multi-thread applications enabling hyperthreading will gain you some more performance. If you're using virtualization enable it in BIOS, otherwise leave it disabled. C3 and C6 are power management features. Enabling them will save you some power, but if you encounter issues like blue screen or system hang try to disable these settings. Two beeps indicates USB device detected, nothing is wrong. Maximum Tcase of Xeon X5690 is 78.5°C, and actual core temperature could be ~10°C higher, so 30 or 40°C is totally OK.