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    Ghost display (HD Graphics 2000)




      Today I have assembled my HTPC (Intel DH67CF board, Core i5 2400 CPU) and installed Windows 7 x64 (later tried x86). After graphic driver installation the system started to behave in a very unusual way - right-button click on the desktop results in display blinking (as though it was reconnected), then the sound of new connected device is produced, and a new noPNP display appears in the hardware monitor. Another right-button click on the desktop - just the opposite happens - the second display disappears with a sound of disconnected device, the primary blinks again (by the way it is connected to the DVI).


      Firstly I updated the driver - no result. Then I changed some settings in the BIOS (the primary display port was set to DVI, secondary turned off), that helped, I thought it helped. Actually it stopped the primary (and the only one) display to blink during right-button clicking on the desktop, but when I attached the sound system I realized, that every couple of seconds it produced the sound of connected/disconnected device. I looked in the hardware monitor and discovered, that the ghost-display appeared and disappeared in the system every two seconds. No changes to BIOS settings, or driver updates, or even reinstalling Windows to 32-bit version helped.


      Something abnormal happens even before Windows starts - under some BIOS settings, even when the primary display output is set to the DVI-I port, the display has no signal during the POST procedure, or during the Windows loading. Sometimes display begins working when the desktop is already loaded...


      So I just wonder, if there could be any possibility to fix it... Because otherwise I will try to return the board to my reseller, as not properly functioning.


      P.S. Sorry for my English.