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    i5-2500 slows down computer


      hello all!    


      I had an i5-2300, and I upgraded it to i5-2500. I already had a great working windows 7 with the i5-2300, but when I installed the i5-2500, my computer started to crowl like a snail, raising the upload time from few seconds, to 5 minutes, and more. it starts when it get's stuck at the windows 7 introduction black with colorful fireballs window, there it get's stuck for 5 minutes. another thing that I've noticed is that the red lamp indicating that 'the computer is thinking' is consistantly on, through out all the time the computer is working. so I've tried to format the hard drive, and nothing changed. can anyone help?


      intel i5-2500

      radeon HD 6950

      8 giga memory

      1 tera WD hard drive

      gigabyte  GA-S3-B3 motherboard