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    DG41WV - Display BIOS messages




      I've added a Adaptec RAID-Controller to this board and would like to configure it but I do not find any BIOS Switch to turn off the Intel boot logo.

      So all I see is the Intel Logo as a boot screen with some chaning digits in the lower right corner, then Windows starts... It does not matter if CRTL+A (which is standard to enter Adaptecs RAID setup) is pressed at any time


      Any ideas?


      Thanks for your help.....

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          If you press F2 repeatedly as soon as you see the Intel screen, that should get you into the motherboards BIOS. In the settings related to which boot devices you want to use and in which order, make the required changes to put your Adaptec RAID card first. I'm not that familiar with these add-on cards but it is a bootable one (with its own BIOS) right? The reason I ask is not all SATA or even IDE controller cards are bootable and some are meant for data volumes only and only work once their drivers have been loaded part way through Windows starting up.


          On my DG45ID motherboard the required settings are under the 'Boot' menu (maybe it's the same for yours)? The manual for your board should help you to find the correct BIOS settings if you are in any doubt.

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            Thanks for trying to solve my issues with this board. Yes, you are right. This controller has it's own BIOS and is bootable. I followed your suggestion and changed the boot settings from "normal" to "advanced" and set the RAID-Controller to be the first in boot order. BTW, the BIOS Boot Order shows three RAID drives which can be right as three single drives are connected to the Controller. No other driver are connected directly to the mainboard besides the SATA DVD drive. Windows boots from one of them but i would like to configure the remaining one as RAID-1 which is not possible from Adaptecs software within Windows.

            But nothing happens... the intel logo still shows up with the changing digits (51, 50, EB).  I use the latest BIOS version.


            Any more ideas??

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              What are all the items in your 'Boot drive order' list and in what order (under where you've changed from Normal to advanced)? If there isn't one at the top of the list that refers to your Adaptec RAID, no wonder your RAID setup is going nowhere. I'm not sure it's actually necessary to change from Normal to Advanced, just to get the actual device you want to boot from at the top of the list. This means if another bootable device (eg an optical drive or HDD plugged into the motherboard) is top of the list, that'll be what the system boots from unless that device isn't bootable (eg an optical drive with no media in it - in which case the system will boot from the next device down the list). The BIOS tells you how to change the order of that list - the manual for your motherboard should help also so have a read of that if you've not done so yet.


              Once you have the Adaptec RAID as the boot device, then a menu for that should show up during boot (even though the Intel splash screen will show up first) - press whatever to configure RAID options or similar - do whatever is asked to get into the Adaptec RAID configuration menu and from there you can configure how you'd like the drives connected to that controller card to be configured but if you only have 3 drives, be aware that not all possible options may be available (eg RAID 0+1 needs 4 drives). A read of Adaptecs manual for your controller card model should help in this regard.