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    Custom Resolution on Intel HD graphics


      I've got integrated Intel HD graphics on my desktop PC, and I'm attempting to set a custom resolution through the Intel control panel. So far I have been unsuccessful on two different brands of monitors with different hookups (VGA and HDMI). I get the same behavior no matter what.


      I started with the very latest drivers from Intel and was able to enter a custom resolution and apply it. When I did so, a box popped up saying "The new settings have been applied," etc, but literally nothing else happened. No screen flash and no change of resolution.
      I then contacted Dell, who I got the PC from, and they told me to roll back my drivers to the most recent ones on their site, which are significantly older than the latest Intel ones. But they actually did change the behavior I'm getting. Now when a custom resolution is applied, the screen will flash black like it usually does when resolution is changed, instead of doing nothing. However, the resolution still doesn't change after the flash.
      I even tried inputting a custom resolution of 800x600, which is identical to a resolution that I can easily switch to via the resolution slider in Windows. I can also change to this resolution through a different section of the Intel control panel itself (General Settings).
      But in the Custom Resolution section, when adding it, it will tell me the resolution already exists and if I want to overwrite it, and I say yes. Then I apply it, and I get the screen flash but no change in resolution. So I can't even get it to work for a supported resolution, much less a real custom resolution.
      From my understanding of this article
      as long as I am able to access the Custom Resolution section, that means the feature is supported for my computer. Unfortunately it just doesn't seem to work for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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          I setup a custom resolution for one of my computers (Intel DH67CF/Pentium G620T) connected to an older Sharp LCD TV.  It is 1366 x 768.  I did get it to work, but it didn't work right away... I had to restart the computer before the custom resolution took hold.  Worth a try...

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            Thanks for replying...your solution worked for me! Although the resolution I put in didn't take effect on restart, after restart it did appear in the dropdown list of resolutions in General Settings, and I was able to switch to it with no problems. I had also gone back to the latest Intel drivers in the meantime so if anyone sees this in the future that would be the way to go. Thanks again.