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    Web Console 2 Operations TAB not present




      I've got an Intel(R) RAID Controller SRCSASLS4I. I want to make an OCE (Online Capacity Expansion), but in the Web console 2 there is no other tabs present than 'Properties'. According to the SW  user manual I should see 3 tabs, one is 'Operations'. I am a user with full access. (This acc was created during installation of web console).

      I was reading hpoing I find something, but no:

      - I am a full acces user

      - I deleted the 2nd VD. (In the SW UM there states OC eis only available if more than 1 VDs present)

      - OCE is available only on Intel Inteligent RAID cards, but accordint to some docs I found that SRCSASLS4I should be intelligent

      - Anyway: the TAB IS NOT THERE, so this should be SW error???


      Since I got my HDDs a few days late I'm in a hurry now

      I thank all thoughs and helping questions, anwers.



         Tamas Szugyi



      OS name:                 Windows 7
      OS Version:              6.1
      OS Architecture:         x86_64
      Driver Name:             megasas2.sys
      Driver Version:
      Application Version:     RAID Web Console 2 -
      Controller:              Intel(R) RAID Controller SRCSASLS4I (Bus 6,Dev 0)
      Status:                  Optimal
      Firmware Package Version:11.0.1-0036
      Firmware Version:        1.40.232-1007
      BBU:                     NO
      Enclosure(s):            2
      Drive(s):                10
      Virtual Drive(s):        2