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    AES-NI and i7-2630QM


      Hi there, I've been struggling with getting AES-NI enabled on my ASUS G73SW laptop - it does not seem to exist at all.


      ASUS refuses to supply an official BIOS to support AES-NI on G73SW, so I've had to resort to modding it myself.


      Now, I've successfully set MSR 0x13c to first bit to 1 (instead of default 3) in the BIOS image (dissassembled by phoenixtools) but AES-NI refuses to be enabled - it isn't impossible I've done something wrong.


      So, the question is: Are there certain revisions of the i7-2630QM processor that does not have AES-NI?


      Your processor detailspage on your site says i7-2630QM supports it, but claims (for example here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/windows-os-software/582628-aes-ni-support-truecrypt-sandy-bridge-problem-16.html ) say that it did not always say so.


      In the same thread at that forum a few people claim they have modded BIOS of other computers successfully with i7-2630QM and enabled AES-NI, but I seem to be unable, both using my own edit and another members. Any guesses?


      I submit a screendump of Intel Processor ID Utility, CPU-Z and a hexdump of the disassembled BIOS-file for your consideration/validationasusg73swbiosedit.png