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    What is Crystal Beach ?


      I've recently put together a new server at home, and I'm wondering what the crystal beach feature in the BIOS is for ?


      I've searched quite extensively and found only contradictory and confusing references to it.


      Just wondering if anyone can point to a document which would give some info, or perhaps take the time to explain what it is, how it works, and what the benefits are of enabling or disabling the feature in the BIOS.


      My motherboard manual had only this to say:


      Select Enabled to use the Intel I/O AT to accelerate the performance of TOE devices. (Note: A TOE device is a specialized, dedicated processor that is  installed on an add-on card or a network card to handle some or all packet processing of this add-on card. For this motherboard, the TOE device is built inside the ESB 2 South Bridge chip.)


      Thank you in advance for any guidance.