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    Intel Rapid Storage Driver Issue


      Hi all

      I seem to have an issue with the Intel Rapid Storage Driver install.

      I have 2 x 60GB Vertex (1.7 Turbo FW) in RAID 0 and have just done a  fresh install of Win7 64bit.   All goes well with the install until I go  to install the Intel Rapid Storage Drivers. 

      As soon as I install the latest version it asks to reboot, when I do it just hangs on the Windows loading screen.

      I have tried a dozen times with fesh install and it just hangs.
      Everything is fine until I install the IRS driver

      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Please provide more detailed information on the system that you are using and the version of Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology. So let us know, what is the model of the Intel(R) chipset in your computer and what is the version of the file being installed.


          Furthermore, check if the issue persists even when trying an older version of the driver or when using the version of Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology provided directly by your motherboard or Original Equipment Manufacturer.