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    ifort: error #10104: unable to open




      I am using ifort version 11.0 compilier for Linux on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

      I have used it without a problem for quite some time (years).

      I have been utilizing F2PY to integrate fortran and python, also successfully for some time.


      I recently was attempting to compile a fortran program (*.f90) that previously had not specified INTENT(INOUT), but now does.  After some errors during compiling, and several attempts at modifying source code, I receive the following error:


      ifort: error #10104: unable to open MyProgram.f90


      I am able to edit and save the file with 'gedit'.  The directory and file exist.

      Somehow, I must have corrupted something within the compile or link process.

      Reboot made no difference.


      I was unable to find anything on the web.  Can someone please assist me?  Thanks!